Pantry Cabinet Morristown 10'x10' Kitchen $1350

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pantry cabinet Morristown
pantry cabinet Morristown 10x10' kitchen $1350. Cabinets finished with SHERWIN-WILLIAMS. Solid wood door Plywood construction. pantry cabinet Morristown factory direct price

Make Your Pantry Cabinet More Useful With These Great Pantry Cabinets

For decades, my family has owned a home in Morristown, New Jersey that includes a pantry, refrigerator, and food preparation area. Due to the lack of space, this pantry will generally be crammed full of groceries and other foods and will not be usable until someone breaks the weight down into smaller boxes.

This pantry cabinet is always placed in the kitchen with the food preparation area and other cooking items that need to be put away when not in use. To me, it seems a waste of space to sit there all day waiting for someone to come by so they can pick up the things they need for the day. I've spent a lot of time doing household chores and even some other things in the kitchen without ever using this area.

What we have done to make our pantry cabinet more usable is to make a few modifications to the layout. It wasn't until we bought another home that we thought about a few upgrades.

The first improvement was to reposition the main compartment of the pantry cabinet so that it was closer to the door. The reason for this was to give us more space in which to store smaller items. That way, we would have more room to move around and not have it feel like we were running around in circles.

Next, we added a small refrigerator that we could place in the back corner of the pantry where it would not take up too much room but be near the front door, or in a small clean place if we wanted to use it more. This would also let us use it as a quick grab when needed.

As far as foods go, we went with a mini-fridge that we could easily stack several bottles of wine or other beverages on top of. It would still be within easy reach of the refrigerator but not taking up a lot of space.

Finally, the best upgrade was a hanging plate for our bread and pasta racks. When used, the bread and pasta racks would hang on the wall but they would also hang right above the condiment drawer, the spice rack, and the soup and salad bowls.

With all of these upgrades, our pantry cabinet Morristown TN is now much more usable and efficient. Not only does it allow us to save space but it has made food preparation much easier and it has also allowed us to see what our pantry looks like before we actually buy it.